Our Story



MANTA is a Malaysian fashion brand for the stylish aspirational who are conscious of what they wear, comfortable and confident that how they look and feel about themselves will take them places. Made for the fashion conscious who know their worth, it is conscious fashion for those pursuing a lifestyle of dignity, respect and love.
MANTA reaches out to its target market to achieve the above by being a brand that makes conscious wear, producing clothings that provides comfort and instills confidence. Those who wear MANTA are comfortable not just in our clothing, but also in their own skin, because they are confident in our good design, material, workmanship and process.
Manta aspires to become a Malaysian brand with its own concept store for conscious wear that can shape lives with a blanket of love, respect and dignity, taking them places and to another level of fashion and self-expression.
Manta hopes to go worldwide with its clothings and designs, making strides on runways around the world and appearances on fashion shows like the KL International Fashion Week or at fashion capitals like Milan.