Brand Values

Brand Values

Manta makes conscious wear for those who dress to look their best every day - those who believe that how they look outside is a reflection of how they feel inside. And how they feel inside is represented by our brand values:

Dignity - I know my worth. Respect - I know my place. Love - I know my heart.



The quality or state of being worthy, honoured or esteemed. It is the importance and value that a person has, that gains them respect, admiration and recognition from others.

This is the first value of a Manta.

Someone who has achieved or is aspiring to achieve respect, admiration and recognition by being true to themselves. Someone who understands who they are and the choices they make. Someone who knows what they want, what they need and what they deserve. And knows how to work for them in the most honest way.

Because a Manta is someone who knows their worth.



A deep admiration for someone - their abilities, qualities, or achievements. It is giving due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others. It is a way of treating someone or something.

This is the second value of a Manta.

Someone who understands the work that goes into achieving success and accomplishments. Someone who understands that there is a space for everyone, for a different principle, value or culture. Someone who knows how they want and should be treated, and extends this to everyone else who earns it. Someone who knows where they are in life, and where they want to be.

Because a Manta is someone who knows their place.



An intense and profound feeling of deep affection, resulting in warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion to something or someone. It is a great interest and pleasure in something; a passion and desire that creates an unselfish loyalty and benevolent concern for the welfare of something or someone.

This is the third value of a Manta.

Someone who lives with love. Someone who loves themselves first, and loves others as much as they love themselves. Someone who is passionate about living. Someone who is compassionate to their surroundings and environment. Someone who knows the importance of empathy in life, and understands how they feel and why.

Because a Manta is someone who knows their heart.

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